Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad

Four PAX were able to drag their tired, bloated bodies out of bed for some hill sprints.  A beautiful 28F under the park lights.


General Stretching
LBAC’s x 10 each direction
SSH x15
Hand Release Merkins x 10
Tempo Squats x10

Mosey long way to happy place
Leg Blasters

Mosey long way to small shelter house

Small Incline Merkin/Dips pyramid 5, 10, 10, 5

Mosey to bottom of hill

Sprint to top of hill and end of small tunnel of lights, jog/slowesy back.  X5
LBC’s x 30 IC
Repeat sprints 4x
Hand Release Merkins x 15 IC
Repeat Sprints 3x
American Hammers x20 each side
Repeat Sprints 2x
Reverse Snow Angels x 15 IC
Repeat Sprints 1x

Mosey to big shelter house

10x runner squats each leg
Walk to steep hill outside shelter house
Backwards bear crawl up it

Mosey to flag

Leg Raises x15
Dolly x 15
LBC’s x15

Lots of talk of eating to much over the holiday season the night before and needing to go on diets, resulted in only 4 PAX showing up.  Those present decided that we are all plump and out of shape.  Fitness/weightloss challenge to begin in January.

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