Swamp Death Star – 27 Oct 2018

41 and Cloudy with 4 Pax (Cornwallis, PVC & Cosmo with Woodchuck Q) posted at the Swamp for a Death Star workout.


  • Bend & Reach 10x IC
  • Forward Lunge 10x IC
  • Abe-Pagodas 10x IC
  • Imperial Walkers 10x IC
  • Upper Body Stretches

Mosey to Circle

Jedi Warmup

  • Side-Straddle Hops 20x IC
  • Plank-Up 10x IC
  • Wall Sit 1min
  • Air Squats 20x IC
  • Wall-Headstands 1min

Mosey to B-Ball Court

Death Star Workout

Each corner and middle point of the basketball court represents a station – making 8 stations total.

Round 1:

  • Mericans at the circle 20x
  • Flutter Kicks at the Corners 20x IC
  • Squats at the Midpoints 20x IC

Round 2:

  • LBCs at the Circle 15x IC
  • Mountain Climbers at the Corners 10x
  • Pike Pushup at the Midpoint (single count) 10x
  • Bear crawl between points

Mosey to Cars

The Mary

  • Crunchy Frog 15x IC
  • Plank Side 1min (switch to other side)
  • Scissor Kicks 15x IC

Recover Recover



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