Over Slept Extravaganza!

10 PAX posted (including the Q who was 5 minutes late) for a, Oh Crap I forgot to design a workout, workout.  Weather was a perfect 34F.


Wapner lead the 9 PAX who were on time in a Maestro lap and general stretching.

Mosey to tennis courts

Lunge across 2 tennis courts and back.
5 Line suicide with 10 jump squats at the end.  R&R

Mosey to stairs

Paula Abdul up the stairs, 2 squats, run down, 2 mike tysons.  Repeat increase reps by 2 until you reach 10.

Mosey to playground

3 rounds of 5 pullups, 15 dips, 25 LBC’s

2 minute wall sit

Mosey to flag


21 x pickle pounders IC
Captain thor to 5
15 x Dolly IC
10 x oblique crunch each side IC
10 x leg climbs each side
6 x V rollups

Mumble:  Q woke up at 5:08 and sped to make it (Sorry Porkchop)  It quickly became obvious that Q had nothing prepared.  5 rounds of Paula Abduls ended up being a lot but the mike tysons definitely helped break it up.

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