Exploring walks of life

69 degrees, partly cloudy, moist earth.

8 PAX- Wapner, Maestro, Popeye, IM, Crabby PO, Piper, Cubby Blue, Daisy- QIC


Cross over arm stretch

Reach back stretch

Reverse cross over stretch

Willie Mays Hays OYO

Grass pickers 15x IC

Tempo squats 10x IC

Mosey to ball diamond

The thang:

4 corners animal walk version

Home-1st; bear crawl- 20 advanced mountain climbers

1st-2nd; crab walk- 20 crab jacks

2nd-3rd; duck walk- 20 monkey humpers

3rd-home; frog jumps- 20 jump squats

Rinse and repeat

Wheelbarrow walk to a base and switch back

Ultimate frisbee with descending burpees on possession exchange (5,4,3,2,1)

Wham-o chasers- zombie walk x2, frolic x2, grapevine runs x2, sprint down and back

Indian run around baseball diamond

Slowsey/ mosey to flag


Proud Mary (big boys, gas pumps, flutter kicks to CCR)



Conversation about Mondays tires workout and the different “growing pains” from it started the day. Good to have Maestro and Cubby Blue to join us today. In honor of the MLB playoffs, 4 corners at the diamond felt good. To celebrate “National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.” Be broke out some bear crawls as well as some other animal friend exercises. Paired with an exercise to enhance the “walk” helped bring some burn to the workout. Ultimate frisbee was hoping to bring some fun to the workout, but the gloom proved too powerful as we couldn’t see the frisbee well enough to catch it, so it became a burpee fest. After a round of more burpees than throws- we switched to wham-O chasers and worked more on the legs. Ending the day with some CCR never hurts- and as WALKERSTRONG never seems to go over as a huge hit- we decided to try her plain brother,Hillbillies, to wrap up the day. Overall- good workout- despite the disappointment of Ultimate, the legs feel worked. Emphasis on pushing more EH as cold weather will likely keep the new recruits away during the winter. Hope to see a bigger crew for Friday!!!! Bring some friends!!!!

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