Are those new cards really waterproof?

Weather 57, downpour, standing water everywhere 





Crabby PO


Cubby Blue



Wapner QIC


Run to main shelter house 

SSHs IC x25

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Sprinkler IC x15

Arm stretches 

Tempo squats IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15


Draw a Card – Aces 100 reps, face cards 25 reps, all others number plus 10 reps

6♥️ Backward run

9♥️ High knee (modify to imperial walkers)

5♣️ Oblique crunches

5♦️ Hand-release merkins

7♦️ Derkins 

3♥️ Sprint 300 M. (to and from 10-29)

J♦️ Dips

6♠️ Jump lunges

8♦️ Merkins 

10♦️ Incline merkins

5♠️ Lunges

6♦️ Wide merkins

8♥️ Squat thrusts

7♠️ Monkey humpers (ring of fire)

3♠️ Wojo squats 

K♦️ Merkins

2♦️ Hand clap merkins

9♠️ Low, slow squats 

6♣️ Low plank 60 sec. 


J♠️ Smurf jacks

10♣️ Rosalitas 

8♣️ Luge (didn’t know what it was so did Superman hold)

2♣️ WWII sit-ups 

J♣️ Shoulder taps

A♠️ Calf raises

4♦️ Carolina dry docks

10♠️ Lunge walk (around outside of tables)

4♣️ Heels to heaven

5♥️ Karoake

2♥️ Sprint 200 M. (to 10-29)



Piper came with tractor tires but an audible was called given weather conditions. Was agreed to be hardest rain in history of BlackCat. YHC took over Q with a return to the deck of cards. Started out with what had to be the fastest we’ve ever made it to the main shelter house. Continued deck of cards from where we left off last time. A tardy Cubby Blue managed to find the group driving around the park. Plenty of moaning about the number of diamonds left in the deck (ended up 137 different variations of merkins). Stayed mostly under cover but a few of the hearts gave an opportunity to go out into the rain and get plenty moist. Discovered that the waterproof cards did not come in a waterproof case. No excuses Monday – let’s see everyone out there for some fun with tires. 

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