Count to ten…. HOLD IT!

September 24 in the partly cloudy gloom, 57 degrees.

8 PAX- Popeye, Bambi, Piper, Humdinger, Jay-Z, Craby-PO, Pork Chop, Daisy-QIC


Sprinkler 15X IC

Grass pickers 15X IC

Shoulder Pretzels 15X IC

Willie Mays Hayes OYO

Hip flexors OYO

Grab bricks and mosey to “Happy Place”

The Thang:

Each exercise 10 reps followed by a 10 second hold (in the “down” position). Rinse and repeat twice for a total of 3 sets for each exercise.

Sumo squats (bricks)

Mosey to large shelter house


Mosey back to happy place

Split squats (each leg- brinks)

Mosey to bathhouse


Mosey back to happy place

Step ups- hold in pistol squat (each leg- bricks)

Arm Rows each arm (bricks)

Mosey to stair lap and stop back at top of stairs

C-curves (reverse sit-ups- hold at 45 degree angle)

Mosey back to happy place

Lateral raises (bricks)

Ascending testicles

Mosey to flag with bricks


Weezey Jefferson’s 15X IC

Side planks- 60 sec hold each side

Peter Parker Peter- 16X (8 each leg) IC

Walker Strong- 2min- AMRAP last 30 seconds

The Moleskin:

Hopes of double digit PAX fell just short this morning. Hopeful for healing and and rejuvenated motivation as 10 PAX each day is within our reach! Reminder of Pork Chop’s name helped bring laughter and smiles this morning before the burn of each exercise kicked in on the third set and brought slight groans at times. It appears more balance exercises need to be done as many, including YHC, had a hard time holding the Pistol Squat during the step ups. A few “fun” exercises were brought out for the newer guys (ascending testicles and walker strong) just to keep it interesting. During Mary- few talked about how they were feeling the lateral raises. All in all, burning muscles means good work is being done. Looking forward to the return of Wapner on Wednesday. Hoping he brought us back some souvenir beverages from across the pond!!!!

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