How to Fitness Court Without a Fitness Court


7 men posted at the swamp. Sunny and warm morning.









Abe Vigodas ICx10

Imperial Walkers ICx10

Motivator from Seven


Simulated Fitness Court Workout : 7 categories, 3 exercises per category

  1. Core: Low plank 60 seconds, Slow windshield wipers ICx15, Modified mountain climbers (Jingle balls?) IC x15
  2. Squat: Regular Squats ICx15, Step up squats with park benches x15, Jump Squats IC x10
  3. Push: Mericans ICx15, Incline Mericans on benches x15, Decline Mericans on benches x15
  4. Lunge: This was more difficult without the step ups at the fitness court, so we had to pretend we had them and probably looked a little silly. Side lunges: Go across the middle of the basketball court and back. Step up lunges: Improvised with high knee jog around perimeter of court. Mumblechatter called this many names, like Bambi, Kneehighs, Minefield.
  5. Pull: Over to the playground for pullups. 3 sets of standup side pulls, or regular vertical pulls, depending on level of manliness.
  6. Agility: Both feet hops in square pattern ICx4, Hopscotch (legs wide, legs in, repeat to end of concrete and come back twice), Burpees x5
  7. Bend: Ball grabbers (Reach down to ground with one hand while lifting opposite foot) ICx10,

Mosey back to meet point


Morning/Night  ICx15


On your 6 Leg stretches, 30 seconds each leg

Groin Grinders 30 seconds



My first Q. Heard about the Fitness court in Westfield from Pawnee, so I worked out there a few times. It has an app to show how to do the exercises so I thought that would be a good way to get a full body workout. It was a challenge to modify the workout for The Swamp, but fun.

We saw Meditation Man again at the playground and invited him to join us, but he only spoke Chinese and couldn’t communicate.

Mumblechatter turned out some funny jokes along the way. Kneehigh coined the term “Smellhole” for the COT, so it smelled like the guys got their money’s worth.

More info on the Fitness Courts here.

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