IRONPAX: week 2

7 men posted for another beatdown thanks to F3Greenwood’s IRONPAX challenge…which gives a whole new meaning to CSAUP. Really emphatic Disclaimer this week – cinder blocks are nothing to mess around with.


Warm Up:

Arm Circles

Air Squats

Weed Pickers



The Thang:

4 rounds, 8 minutes each, AMRAP. Each PAX tasked to keep count of own reps (cumulative).

Round 1: Curls w/coupon

Round 2: Thrusters w/coupon

Round 3: KB Swings w/coupon

Round 4: ManMakers w/coupon



Khaki: 530

Zamboni: 503

Cosmo: 474

PVC: 330

Logger: 300 (but probably more like 500, IMO)

Brickyard: 595

Headlock: Brickyard’s score +1



Sorry for my lack of preparedness, gents. I thought the descriptions would be easier to find, and I didn’t do my pre-work. This meant that our “2 minute rest breaks (no more, no less)” didn’t actually happen because we were running out of time. This workout was so brutal, and I know I’m not the only one with T-Rex arms the day after.

We are still looking for volunteers for September 8th to #clowncar over to Columbus, OH for the convergence. Anyone who thinks it would be cool to workout with 150+ PAX should seriously consider it. Prayers for our brothers who were ill/couldn’t make it. We still expect you to post at our 2nd and 3rd F events!



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