Walls of the pool- to your left

Weather- 59 and clear- nice and moist ground cover

Pax: (7)



Crabby PO




Daisy- QIC

Warm-up: Moroccan Night Club IC x20, Sprinklers IC- x 15, Grass pickers IC x 15, Willie Mays Hayes OYO, Arm Pretzels IC x 20, Arm stretching OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to the Pool House

Walls of Jericho Routine:  7 exercises, done with 7 reps, with a lap around the fenced in pool area separating each exercise (Total distance approx. 1.5 miles).  Worst Merkin Ever IC x7, Lt. Dans ascending to 7 reps each, Ascending Testicles x7 on each level, Plank Dips IC x7, Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x7, Travoltas IC x 7 each side, and Motivator starting at 7 and decreasing.

Mosey to our Happy Place:

Wall of Fire- Round 1, 5 merkins; Round 2, 5 LBC’s

Mosey to flag-

Mary- Walkerstrongs- Weezy Jefferson IC x 15, Peter Parker Peters IC x 15, Boat & Canoes IC 10 with 30 second Canoe hold at end, Flutter kicks IC x 15, 30 second Pickle Pounders AMRAP.

Moleskin: In honor of “National Left Handers Day” every alternating exercise and run was started toward the left.  Discussion of guys trip to Indy during the weekend for the exercise started the day while warming up as well as gearing up for the 1-year anniversary on Wednesday and getting some FNG to celebrate right.  Trying some new routines once again some looked better on paper than doing in real life.  Mumble on the Balls to the Wall merkins were a highlight only until the Walkerstrongs (2minutes of Imperial Walker with 30 sec AMRAP) came in strong at the end.  Twisting in the next day may be interesting for some of us.  Daisy was told that he and Crabby PO may want to start working together on some routines since they seem to have a habit of finding that one exercise that makes everyone groan in unison….. that thought did not go unheard…… you may just get what you ask for!  Everyone is looking forward to Wednesday’s celebration workout.   “Fun” has been thrown around very loosely……. can we get a definition check really quick?


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