Leg Day

10 PAX posted this morning.  Weather: calm and humid






Tip toe



Gas Man

Humdinger VQ


Maestro lap

Arm Circles IC x15 (reverse)

Abe Vigodas IC X15

Willy May’s Hays OYO

Grass Pickers IC x15

Motivator from 5

mosey to the basketball court


49 states it’s just basketball, but this is Indiana full court conditioning x10- corner baseline- walking lunge, backpedaling to baseline, slide back to corner and sprint to the other end. X10

3 suicides for the 3 days of school so far

Mosey to the stairs

Each lap of stairs had a decending burpee count of 1:9, 2:6 and 3:3.  Walking lunge from one of stairs to the next

Mosey to the “sack”

Butkus 1min on and 30 second rest for a 3 set

WMDs x5 each

Moseyy to the flag


Captain Thor 1:4 OYO

flutter kicks x15 IC

Freddie Mercuries x15 IC

LBC x20 IC

Wapner addition of everyone’s fav Laney Lou x4


After a nervous start and a pace of a madman on the Abe Vigoda’s, things settled down to start the Q.  We made all hs basketball teams glad that we are out of eligibility in our session.  There was a mention of a modified leg day but the excitement was too much to allow that. Overall, great experience and happy to have joined this group this summer.  PS: mental notes for next time, don’t stop two minutes short on MARY again.

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