Partner Paradise

5 PAX posted

63° lower humidity



Cubby Blue


Jay-Z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Motivator from 6

Willie May’s Hays

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Mosey to happy place for a Leg Blaster


Partner up with one group of 3

PAX 1 does 10 merkins

PAX 2 does 10 box jumps

Complete 6 cycles

Mosey to hill

PAX 1 does 2 up & down

PAX 2 does squats AMRAP

Complete 6 cycles

Mosey to shelter

PAX 1 does 10 dips

PAX 2 does step ups

Complete 6 cycles

Mosey to swings

PAX 1 does 10 crunchy swings

PAX 2 does wall sit

Complete 3 cycles

Back to happy place for merkin plank hold from 5 followed by jump squat hold from 5.


Pickle pounder ICX10

American Hammer ICX10

One armed pickle pounder ICX10 each arm


30 second plank hold


A couple newer exercises made their appearance again today. Up and down the hill and box jumps seem to be PAX favorites. Merkin plank hold reared its ugly head but from 5 is much more bearable. Jump squat holds were by request. We all enjoyed the lower humidity and a good sweat. Several traveling next week. Let’s keep our numbers up!

One thought on “Partner Paradise

  1. Nicely done Jay-Z but I got to be honest with the motivator and the leg blasters both in the warm-up phase there be no moseying for me I just curl up in a ball and suck my thumb nicely done black cat


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