A variation on a theme

Left home a little early this morning because I knew I needed to fuel up the vehicle. At 0 630 I posted the shovel flag and took a little siesta. I awoke to see two guys pulling in with F3 shirts on and I did not recognize them oh you can imagine how excited I was.

Warm up

Bend and reach in Cadence 20

Kick with twist in Cadence 10

Abe Vigoda In Cadence 10

Runners stretch each side

Moroccan nightclub In Cadence 20

Arm circles In Cadence

10 forward

5 reverse

SSH in Cadence 20

The Thang

Mosey with kettlebells and Bricks to back parking lot stage weights at one end Mosey to the other end. 1 Pax does merkins while the other pax runs to the other end of the parking lot does 10 curls each arm and back to flip flop total number of merkins 100.

Rinse and repeat with big boys sit ups and 20 lat pulls or rows (lawnmowers) with the kettlebells total number of Big Boy sit ups 100.

Mosey to the circle around by the bathhouse Circle up for the motivator from 10

Back to parking lot for a round of 100 lunges and 20 Skull Crushers.

Mosey over to the pool hill for Burp Back Mountain. This is a good example of why you want to be the Q, I had planned 100 combined burpees and we modified to 50 which still was pretty miserable

The plan was to Mozy back to the parking lot for round 3, but time got away from us while we were doing burp Back Mountain.

So we went back to parking lot to pick up our coupons and head back to the circle for Mary.


Flutter kicks in Cadence 10

Over on time. My apologies.


Turns out our mystery guests were rafter and dr. Quinn two brothers in from South Carolina to visit family here. They both seem too eager to take the motivator back home and inflict pain with it we bless them and sent them on their way.


Keep PVC in mind in his job sesrch. For those who aren’t there be assured the Dirty Dog lady made her pass to check out and see how things were going.

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