Adlib workout

Left home a little early this morning now I know why halfway to the AO our QIC calls in sick, I pick up the Baton.

Warm up

Abe Vigoda In Cadence 10

High knees In Cadence 20?

Kick with a Twist in Cadence 10

SSH in Cadence 20?

The Thang

Mosey with kettlebells over to parking lot stage weights at one end Mosey to the other end. 1 Pax does merkins while the other pax runs to the other end of the parking lot does 5 curls each arm and back to flip flop total number of merkins 100.

Rinse and repeat with big boys sit ups and flat moles or rose with the kettlebells total number of Big Boy sit ups 100.

Mosey over to the hill to remind the Pax why we call our AO the hill. Burp Back Mountain minus the burpees so each on their own down the hill forward up the hill backwards 5 rotations.

Mosey back to the parking lot for round 3 are squats and rows.

Timed out perfectly to pick up our coupons and head back to the circle for 6 minutes of Mary.


Flutter kicks in Cadence 10

LBC’s In Cadence 10

Finished out with abc’s on your own


So there was a reason I was heading out the door early this morning, too bad I didn’t have my Saturday work out laid out yet. Might have been a smoother transition, but I would say all things considered everyone got their money’s worth. I was very happy to have cold call in from Northeast Tennessee visiting family so we might get another shot at him before he leaves. He reminded us that the last time he posted was middle of the winter so we might not have recognized him. Keep PVC in mind in his job search woodchuck has his final orders and updated us on their deployment logger informed us there will be a new little “branch” coming in November we all celebrated and IM showed up to deliver the gifted tickets for the 11 soccer game and promptly ran over my kettlebell, fortunately he was in the rental car he’s driving but we were glad to have him Circle up in our COT.

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