BLIMPS and stairs

Weather 70, muggy & extra moist


Crabby PO
Wapner QIC


Maestro lap
Abe Vigodas IC x10
LBACs IC x20
Slow squats IC x10
Annie IC x20
Jingle balls IC x10


Indian run to happy place

Merkin x10 / plank ladder w/ bear crawls x2

Mosey to main shelter

BLIMPS and stair laps

Burpees x5
Lunges x10
Imperial walkers x15
Merkins / Mountain climbers x20
Plank jacks / Pickle pounders x25
Squats x30

3 stair laps after each BLIMPS x3 cycles

Mosey to happy place

Leg blasters
ATM 10/10/10

Mosey to flag


LBCs IC x25
Flutter kicks IC x20
Freddie Mercury IC x20
Gas pumps IC x20
Laney Lu x5
Low plank hold x 1 min.



Morning came early for YHC after Monday off and felt it the whole workout. Humidity reportedly lower than Monday although I don’t know how that was possible. Jay-Z took a turn posing at the happy place but no cameras to memorialize the event.

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