Welcome to F3

Weather a perfect 56


Crabby PO
Short Skirt
FNG Joe Marsh
Wapner QIC



Short Skirt lap
Arm stretches
Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Nipple tweakers IC x20
Abe Vigodas IC x10
Grass pickers IC x15
Willie Mays Hayes


Mosey to basketball court

Motivator from 10

Indian run to tip of the Happy Place

ATM 15/10/10
Leg blasters
Crowd pleaser pyramid to 4
Leg blasters

Mosey to stairs

Alternate stair suicides and rings of fire

Rings of fire:

Dips x10 x2
Abyss merkins x30

Al Gore and squats x10 x2
Monkey humpers x10
Abyss merkins x40

Mosey to flag


Captain Thor 1:4 to 5:20
Boxcutters IC x15
Flutter kicks IC x15
Laney Lu x4



Short Skirt filled in for missing Maestro by rolling in at the end of the warmup lap. Some mumbling from the PAX about his old lady not needing to see what’s at the happy place because she’s already got it at home – no further discussion needed.
FNG made it further into the Motivator than I’ve seen an FNG make it before. No worries as he was smoked along with everyone else after some fun at the Happy Place followed up by some stair suicides. New game invented – try to catch the Marine out in front.

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