Wapner is 39

5 men posted

47° and clear

Wapner (bday boy)




Jay-Z (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro Lap

Moroccan Night Club ICx3 and ICx9

Grass pickers ICx3 and ICx9

Willie Mays Hays

39 mountain climbers


Mosey to bottom of stairs


W heel of merkin-(start incline position, 8 reps, rotate 90 degrees, 8 reps at each 90 with 7 reps back at incline for 39 total)

A bsolution ring of fire (one absolution per PAX around until 39 reps complete)

P lank jacks x39

N ot so lazy lazy boys (heels on ground, lean back as if in lazy boy, keeping heels on ground. 13 seconds back, 13 seconds to right and left for 39 seconds)

E verest (lunge up hill with squat after each lunge until 39 squats complete)

R ockette dips ring of fire (dip with rockette leg kick at bottom of rep. One rep per PAX until 39 reps complete)

Mosey in an attempt to map out a number 39

Back to shelter for 39 step ups each leg

Abyss merkin ring of fire up to 39 reps

Mosey to flag


39 pickle pounder

39 heals to heaven

39 LBC

39 American Hammers

39 100s

39 pickle pounder

39 LBC

39 second plank hold

39 second Al Gore


39 was obviously the theme. A big happy birthday to Wapner who will be 39 forever. The theme definitely made for a more fun Monday morning workout. It appears the circle for our “9 in the sky” needed to be a little larger, but other than that it wasn’t bad. It was nice to leave the park in the daylight!

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