4/24/2018 The Death Star Workout

The Death Star Workout

Warm up


High Knees


Arm Circles

Over Head Claps

Mosey to the BB Court stairs

Stair Serpentine – Run up and down the stairs in serpentine fashion (to get more stairs in)

The Death Star Thang

Reminder:  Make a ‘star’ at half way and corners of the court, exercise there and at the center circle

Round 1:  10 Merkins at the perimeter, 10 Squats at the center

Round 2:  10 LBCs at the perimeter, 10 dead cockroach at the center (BEAR crawl to each station)

Round 3:  5 Prison Burpees at the perimeter, 10 Imperial Walkers at the center

Reverse Mosey (run the Serpentine stair pattern, mosey same path to the cars)

Cool Down and Stretch



51 F and Overcast

PAX:  Woodchuck, IM, Marshal, DC, Cornwallis, Wapner, Logger, Cosmo (Q)

8 Brothers posted for a yet beautiful morning in the mid 50s!  Q was comfortable in shorts, others had forgotten what 50 is like and overdressed a bit of an extra sweat.  Death Star really delivered with good  groaning and mumble chatter that included a reminder of Black Cat’s Burpee March (good thing we did prison burpees) and Cornwallis’ saying something about the Q’s fine choice of exercises and how he was going to remember these the next time he Qs…Q didn’t quite make it out but is sure it was a compliment!

Nice work men! Everyone got some good reps ’n running in today!

Always a Privilege!


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