Easter Egg Hunt

10 PAX rolled out of the fartsack (4 for the ruck) and met at 0700 for a good old fashioned egg hunt. After the disclaimer, here’s what we did:

Warm Up (IC):
10 Burpees
15 Mountain Climbers
10 Windmills
15 Heisman

Rules of the egg hunt:
1. Go to the area I tell you
2. First to find the egg yells “BUNNY”
3. PAX circle up around the bunny
4. Bunny reads the exercise and calls cadence/is exempt from the exercise

Yellow: 50 Air Squats
Orange: 20 Burpees
Green: 20 Prison Merkins
Blue: 50 Overhead Air Claps
Purple: 30 Jump Squats
Pink: 30 Ski Abs

Area 1: Orange Egg – Tyrion?
10 Step Ups each leg
20 Dips
10 Lunges with other foot on bench
10 Decline Pike Merkins

Area 2: Purple Egg – Swayze
The Motivator from 10
40 Moroccan Night Club
40 Cherry Pickers

Area 3: Blue Egg – IM
Bear Crawl Inch Worm (x2)
20 Nippler
20 Pickle Pounders
20 Jingle Balls

Area 4: Yellow – Tyrion
20 Pull ups
20 Wooly Worms
20 Chin Ups
20 Mucho Chesto

Area 5: Green Egg – Brickyard
PAX were all disappointed that we had to scrap Burp Back Mountain due to time constraints

Mary: Pink Egg – IM
Low Dolly
Flutter Kicks
Freddie Mercurys
Mason Twist


Thanks to everyone who posted this morning. It was fun getting a little competition in the midst of all of the pain – hopefully the brief rest from working out was worth the extra effort of running to the next area. Glad to see Swayze bring 2 FNGs! Mountie and Tyrion were absolute beasts – crushing it in a very tough first F3 post. If you weren’t able to make it, please ask them how they got their F3 names. Prayers of thanks for Easter and all that it celebrates, hope to see everyone again soon!


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