Broad Ripple Surprise

First workout at Broad Ripple Park


Q: Cornwallis (but also a team Q)

Pax: Brickyard, Zamboni, DC

4 men somehow showed up this morning at Broad Ripple Park, even though the “poll” said “no”. This is how it went, to the best of my memory.


Mosey over to the small shelter for popcorn


Shoulder pretzels (Zamboni)

High knees (Brickyard)

Merkins (DC)


On the shelter:

Incline merkins x 10 IC

Step ups x10 each leg

Dips x 10 IC

Derkins x 5 IC

Mosey to pull up bars for…

Mini Diddy: 5 rounds of 10 pull up and 10 burpees

Mosey around train stopping at pain stations:

Up and Over

Sit ups x 20

Parallel bars walking with hands on bars feet off the ground, down and back

Merkins x 20

Backwards climb up, then down, the angled bar

Heal touches from pull up bar x 5

Jump overs x 10

Hyperextension back exercises (reverse sit up) x10

Rope climb

Slide down the slide


20 WWII Sit ups

Heals to heaven x 20 (DC)

Bay City scissors (Brickyard)

Snow angels x 15 (Zamboni)


– after taking a late night pole, posted at 2030 Sunday night by Zamboni asking who was going to workout at Broad Ripple Park, the “No’s” were in the majority. So Brickyard showed up anyway to join the other 3 of us for the first workout at Broad Ripple Park!

-DC had us all rolling during the snow angels talking about a news story breaking about some whackos doing snow angels in the grass at BRP

-Thank you men for coming out in a Monday to start the week strong! Always an honor and joy to be with you!

-F3 Indianapolis 1 year anniversary coming up! We will celebrate it Sat 0700 at Sahm Park.


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