3/17/2018 – Striped Beast Workout

33 F Clear

PAX: Cornwallis, Brickyard, West Coast, Zamboni, Appletini (visiting from Chicago), Cosmo (Q)

Warm up

Side straddle hops

High knees

Torso twists

Arm circles

Motivator – Cosmo style


Indian run to the parking lot

Upper body 6

Walking merkins

Plank walk


Pick em up merkins

Jump merkins

wide plank walk

Mosey to circle

Core 6

C sit flutter kick ladder

Gas pumps

V ups

C sit heels over toes

Reach for your toes


Mosey to the parking lot

Leg 6

Lunge walk

Frog jumps

High knees hop

Speed skater


One leg hop

Mosey to end of the parking lot

Balance Beast – Pair up – One runs while partner holds balance


V hold

Al Gore

Side plank hold – right down/left back

Low plank

Mosey to cars




6 Brothers posted for this Striped Beast Workout. It was great to have Appletini join us from Chicago, in town for his 2.0 soccer tournament and to see West Coast back for a second visit….great meeting you! After a shaky starting cadence by YHC (everyone got a good chuckle) everyone pilled their own as we conquered the beast once again. Mumblechatter was suitable to the Q, inspiring Zamboni to suggest (MOSTLY kidding) a rename of our Nantan to include something to do with moaning….I leave it to those curious to follow up on that one! Thankful the predicted freezing rain missed us as we all had a blast this morning! On a side note….respects held their own today as we made up half of the PAX that posted….Brickyard was happy as he wasn’t the oldest guy working out….way to go West Coast!

Nice work men!

Always a privilege!


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