Endless ladder


Q: Cornwallis

Pax: Cosmo, Brickyard, Pop

AO: the Hill

4 took their daily red pill, got a little stronger, and had some fun. Here is how it went:

Warm-o-rama: (all IC)

Mosey to East side of the church parking lot

SSHx 50

ISTx 10

Windmill x 10

Cotton pickers x 10

Mtn climbers x 25

1 Merkin


4 corners ladder with a goodie bag with exercises. At each corner a pax would draw an exercise out of the bag and we added that on.

Corner 1: WWII SU x 20

Corner 2: WWII x20, 30 slow deep Squats

Corner 3: WWII, squats, 10 Burpees

Corner 4: WWII, squats, burpees, 15 Wide grip Merkins

Corner 5: WWII… 10 8-count body builders

Corner 6: WWII… 15 Merkins



150 Squats

40 burpees

45 wide grip Merkins

20 8-count body builders

15 Merkins

Bear crawl up the last hill and mosey to Mary.


Heels to heaven


Morning night

Low dolly

Touch them heels



-You boys created a good workout from the bag of tricks! Hope you enjoyed it.

-We could’ve easily died doing bear crawls with that car coming over the hill, but we didn’t. So go live today to the fullest and be thankful.

-I’m thankful for each of you! Keep giving it away to other men! Keep posting!


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