5 men posted in the gloom to get serious with Kettlebells. The disclaimer was given. We got to it. Here’s what we did:

Warm up:
The Motivator
Finkle Swings
Overhand claps
Cherry pickers

The Thang:
10-2, 8-4, 6-6, 4-8, 2-10
KB swings
KB standing rows
Run to shovel flag and back
KB deadlifts
KB curls
Run to shovel flag and back
Goblet Squats
Skull Crushers
Run to shovel flag and back

Mosey to the hill

10-40, 20-30, 30-20, 40-10
Merkins-Mountain Climbers


KB side raise L
KB side raise R
KB lawnmower L
KB lawnmower R
KB rocket L
KB rocket R

Figure 8
Sidewinder (KB Twist)
KB Jeffersons
KB gas pumps
Bay City scissors


I don’t usually run through workouts before my Q, but with this being the first Kettlebell workout Q, I wanted to make sure that I could do everything that I was asking the PAX to do.
There is a new energy at F3 over this past week…the second F event helping, multiple workouts with 6 PAX, and Cornwallis joining us from the motherland. Let’s keep up the energy and focus on EHing until we have 25 regulars as we enter into this warmer season.


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