We got Crabs

6 men posted

Overcast, calm, 11 degrees

**Warm up

Maestro Lap

Hip flexor general stretching

Grass Pickers ICx15

Daniel son x10

Abe Vigodas ICx15

Motivator from 6


Mosey to concession stand

Crowd pleaser (1 groiner:1 merkin up to 4:4 and back down)

Leg blaster


Mosey to bottom of stairs

1 Crab jack

Jog to post

9 crab cakes

Up to 9 crab jacks and down to 1 Crab cake

To top of stairs for hydraulic squats x20

10 lunges each leg

Inside shelter house

20 dips

10 abyss merkins

10 dips

5 abyss merkins

Mosey to flag


Flutter kicks ICx20


Hello Dolly ICx15

5 side plank hip taps each side

30 second back plank hold


The first 15 minutes seemed to gas the PAX. This provided for a more difficult crab workout. All in all it was a good all around workout with very little mumble chatter. We welcomed Daisy (Pat Day) as an official F3 Black Cat member. Daisy is a local funeral director and his name plays off of the idea that when you die you start “pushing daisies.” Welcome Daisy!

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