2/6/2018 – Snowy Death Star Workout

PAX:  Woodchuck, Zamboni, Darius, Logger, Brickyard, Cosmo (Q)

The Thang

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops

High Knees

Torso Twist

Arm Circles

Mosey to the Fishbowl

Core Workout

C-sit Flutter Kicks (fast and slow)

Gas Pumps (end with Flutter Kicks)

Quick mosey to get a late-running PAX

Heel-Toe Crosses

Aductor Flutter kicks


High Toe Reach

Mosey to to the Snowy Basketball Court

Death Star

Round #1 – Merkins on the inner circle; Squats – outer – Mosey in-between

Round #2 – Forward-reach straddle hops – inner circle; Imperial Walkers-Outer- Bear Crawl in-between

Round #3 – Sprawl – inner circle; Goofballs – Outer circle – Mosey in-between

High Tail Mosey back to the cars




18 F Cloudy, No Breeze (one once), Snow-covered lot

6 Brothers posted in the Gloom for a Death Star workout that featured our Mary portion at the beginning…because its fun.  Tried some new cadences for the core workout that generated suitable mumble chatter and some snarly looks….all good.  The Death Star worked out well as everyone got a good workout…after drawing the necessary circles, lines and tie-fighters in the snow so that we would know where to start and stop.  Had to hustle (high tail) back to the cars as we only had 90 seconds to finish after working our way though the Death Star snow trails.

Always a privilege,



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