A Real Cluster

5 men posted with one ditching Mary 

35 degrees, foggy





Jay-Z  (QIC )

**Warm up

Maestro Lap 

Moroccan Night Club ICx15 

Abe Vigodas ICx15 

Donkey kicks ICx10

Motivator from 7

Grass Pickers ICx10

Mosey to shelter


5 incline merkins

5 decline merkins

5 dips

Mosey to the wooden exercise equipment 

10 rail squats

10 lunges

10 heal raises

Mosey back to shelter for 15 reps

Mosey to wooden equipment for 20 reps

Mosey to shelter for 10,15, and 20 reps of previous exercises of PAX choosing.

20 more lunges

Long mosey to concession stand for wall sits and Rocky Balboas (1 minute and 20-4 count respectively followed by 30 second and 10-4 count respectively)

Mosey to flag


5 crowd pleasers followed by 5 absolution

10 side plank hip taps ICx10 each side

Flutter kicks ICx15 


1 minute plank hold


IM made an appearance all though he fart sacked on Mary. Workout was heavy on cardio and time went faster than the Q predicted. Consequently,  it became a creation “on the fly.” It was determined that black ice is a real thing and the stairs are still out of commission.  The warmer temps have been nice, but we are anticipating colder temps next week. 

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