It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

6 PAX posted in the gloom for a perfect weather workout.  40F.

Maestro Lap – with Maestro catching up just as we finished
LBAC – Forwards and back
Windmills – SUPER SLOW x4
Happy Jacks x 5 – 5x 4c SSH with 2 Squat Jumps following
Mosey through the tunnel of lights

Lazy Dory’s – Partner up. 1 PAX Planks. Other does 10x Merkins. Flapjack until 100 total.  Repeat with 200 LBC’s and Canoes and 300 Squats and Squat holds.
Dip Ladder – 15 dips run 100 yds, 14 dips run back.  Repeat until complete
Slowsey/Mowsey to flag

100’s – On 6 legs at 45 arms straight by sides 6″ off ground, pulse towards feet 100 times
Rosalita Wip – Legs at 90, split wide on 1, back together on 2, down to 5 degrees on 3 back to 90 on 4.  15x
Dolly’s x 15

Mumble Chatter:
It was nice to have OPP back with us this morning.  Despite all the lights he had a hard time finding us. Entire workout was performed to It Came Upon a Midnight Clear on repeat.  Wapner really enjoyed it.  Zonkey should make sure its playing for all workouts.

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