Black Friday Special

34 degrees, partly cloudy

4 men posted




Jay-Z  (QIC)

**Warm up

Maestro lap

Moroccan Night Club ICx15 

Shoulder pretzels ICx15 

Grass Pickers ICx15 

Slow count lunges  (8count) ICx10

Donkey Kicks oyo x10 each leg



We spelled Black Friday with a mosey between letters

B urpees x10

L unges x20 each leg

A merican hammers ICx15

C rab jacks ICx20

K nerkins x20

F loyd Mayweather ICx10

R ocky Balboas x20 (4 count)

I ncline merkins x20

D erkins x20

A ir squats x50

Y ou choose

        *10 burpees

         *15 American Hammers 

          *20 lunges each leg

Rinsed and repeated AF

A merican hammers ICx15 

F loyd Mayweather ICx10 

Mosey to stairs

2 laps of stair burpees

Mosey to flag


Absolution ICx8…. Goal was 10…Ha! Not today

Merkin to side plank x5 each side

Dolly ICx15

Flutter kicks ICx15 

Plank hold for 1 minute


The change to 7:30 was nice. A little brighter and maybe warmer. The daylight provided the opportunity to stare the emu in the face as he attempted to set the pace.   The early belch during the Maestro lap that apparently tasted like turkey and vodka, was merely a false alarm. A few new exercises made it into the workout and will likely be back. Overall, for the day after stuffing ourselves, all went well.

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