Its Veterans Day Lets Jump Around

Pre-Blast: 3 PAX posted for a Pre-Ruck in the chilly weather.  6 PAX Posted for a Jump Around Beat Down. 25ish to start but we quickly warmed up.

SSH x 25
Walkout Planks w/a few merkins x 5
Mosey to pool parking lot
Left, Right, Up, Down, Back & Forward for 3 minutes

The Thang:
Descending Jump Squat Holds starting at 10reps & 10 seconds
Mosey around the large island
Incline Merkins/Dips Pyramid – Alternate IM’s/Dips – 5ea, 10ea, 15ea, 15ea, 10ea, 5ea
Mosey around the large island
Leg Blasters x 3 – 20x Air Squats, 10x Lunge each leg, 5x jump Lunge each leg, 10x Jump Squats
Mosey around the large island
Fingertip merkins/pullups pyramid – Alternate -5ea, 10ea, 15ea, 10ea, 5ea
Mosey around the large island
Bear Fights – Partner up, face each other in plank position, try to pull/push arms of opponent out and knock them to ground.  Face off against 3 different pax for 30sec-minute each.
Mosey to tennis courts
Run a suicide, 10 squat jumps, run a shorter suicide, 10 squat jumps, shorter again, 10 squat jumps, real short
Mosey to cars with a couple of hard paces thrown in

Flutter Kicks x 20
LBC’s x 24
Dollys x 20
30 second corpse

Mumble:  Started out chilly but quickly warmed up.  The left/right, back/forth, up/downs were deemed fun.  Most humor was lost quickly during descending jump squat holds.  The rest was lost during Leg Blasters.  Bear Fights were surprisingly hard but a good time.  This workout was a combination of all the individual sets over the last few months that I’ve found to be painful, all packed into a 1 hour workout.  I’m definitely regretting it 9 hrs later.  Ended up getting in just shy of 2.5 miles.

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