Trick or Treat

Four Men posted in the light snow/sleight for some simulated trick or treating fun.  34F and nippy.

Before you go trick or treating you have to put on your costume
Mummy Wraps – Standing on one leg, wrap arms around body and other leg around leg. balance for 30 seconds, flap jack
Black Cats – On your knees and hands alternate arching back up and down
Perched Gargoyle – Stretch arms back above head, go down into squat and hold lightly touching ground
Frankenstein Walk
Spider push-ups – In high plank bring right knee to right elbow on outside of body, hold for a few then do one push, flap jack a few times

10 houses were visited while trick or treating, each giving a different candy:
Kit-Kat – Give me a Break – Indian runs with last PAX breaking off and doing 10 mountain climbers before passing
Twix – 10 Bropee’s
Reese Cup – There is no wrong way to eat a reese’s – Reverse Plank, Crawl bear through light tunnel, Reverse Crunch, Run backwards through light tunnel
3 Musketeers – All for one and one for All – 100 combined pull-ups
Snickers – You’re not you when you’re hungry – 2 laps of Mosey with random sprints thrown in
Skittles – Taste the Rainbow – 24 pike pushups
Sour Patch Kids – Sour, Sweet, Gone – Descending jump squats and squat holds, 10 jumps, 10 second hold, 9 jumps 9 second hold, etc
Nestle Crunch – 50x 4 count LBC’s
Peanut M&M’s – Mosey, Merkins, and SSH’s – Mosey a bit, do 10 merkins & 10 SSH’s, repeat x4

Ghostly Flyers – Lay on stomach and lift legs/arms off ground, fly around!
Zombie Situps – WWI situps x 20
Flutter Kicks x15
Heels to Heaven x 10

Backblast:  Was hoping more then 4 PAX would show up for the 3 Musketeer but we made it through.  We all can definitely tell we are getting stronger.  First morning of sleet/snow we’ve had so that was fun.  All decided we need better gloves/cold weather gear.


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