‘Thanks Wapner’ Q

The Thang

Warm Up

Side straddle hops

High Knees

Plank Stradle hops

Mountain Climbers

Low Plank Stradle hops

Step and Twist

Happy Birthday Burpees for Zamboni

NOTE: Zamboni carried 2 brick presents around the workout for his birthday.

Indian Run Mosey

Hands up

Hands out

The ‘Thanks Wapner’ Thang

Parking Lot Walking Merkin Series

Regular Merkins

Plank Walk

Jump Merkins

Backward Plank Walks (Really Low Crawl Bears per Zamboni)

Up and Unders (Paratroopers)

I think I forgot one to ‘call it’ 6 total

Happy Birthday Air Squats for Zamboni


Hands Up

Hands Out

Core C-Sit Cycle

Flutter Kicks



Gas Pumps

V Leg Lifts with Flutter Kicks


Hands Up

Hands Out

Parking Lot Leg Cycle


Frog Hops

One Leg Hops

Air Squats

Turning Air Squats

Lunges with High Knees

Happy Birthday Curb Merkins for Zamboni

Mosey back

Hands up

Hands Out

Happy Burpees for Zamboni (on the way back)

Yoga/Gumby Cycle

Warrior One

Crescent Position

Airplane Balance

Center Leg Stretch

Runners Stretch with Reach Left/Right

Legs Straight with Side Reach

Hip Lower Back Stretch



Zamboni, IM, Darius, DC, Brickyard, Cosmo (Q)


34 F (ish) Breezy

6 Brothers posted in the Gloom and enjoyed this Wapner-inspired, Cosmo-led workout as well as some fitness-inspired shenanigans for Zamboni’s birthday weekend (doing extra exercises to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’). IntroduceD Darius to C-sit position and listened to a new level of mumble chatter as we combined V-lifts/holds with Flutter Kicks (Zamboni’s idea). We finished with some Gumby/Yoga in as a balmy breeze blew through from the Swamp. Everyone got their money’s worth and had a great time working hard.

Always a privilege to workout with you guys,


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