Tribute to Disney

Weather 39 crisp and clear


Crabby PO
Wapner QIC


Walt Disneys aka Abe Vigodas IC x15
Grass pickers IC x15
Mickey pretzels aka Shoulder pretzels IC x15
Goofballs IC x20
SSHs IC x20


Mosey to hill

Space Mountain

Flying sun gods IC x10
Moon gods IC x10
Burpback mountain w/partner to 100

Mosey to stairs

Tower of Terror

1 stair lap / 12 incline merkins / 12 Rocky Balboas (4 count) counting up on stair laps and down on exercises

Mosey to field

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Railroad tracks


LBCs IC x15
Hello Dolly IC x15
Gas pumps IC x15
Heel touches IC x15



YHC just returned from Disney trip with 2.0-2.3 and wanted to bring back some of the fun. No better way to celebrate the happiest place on earth than with a good butt whipping. First sub 40 degree workout at Black Cat was not a problem once we got moving. Ran out of time to do the full Tower of Terror so will have to revisit that soon and finish. Railroad tracks got interesting with a trip and fall and accusations that the Q had poor form on the low plank.

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