“Indy 500” by Maestro. October 21, 2017

55 and clear, but definitely still in the starry gloom. Six men posted: DC, Darius, Zamboni, Brickyard, I.M., and QIC Maestro. Ready for an experiment in racing.

WOR (warm o rama)

Moroccan Night Clubs 4c IC x30

Little to big arm circle OYO Both Directions

Leg stretches (palms on the ground)

Warrior Yoga stretches

Side straddle seal jacks 4c IC x20?

Body Builders 8c IC x10

Mosey to the still gloomy Soccer fields, jogged/ walked a lap to set the cones for the “Indy 500.”

500 exercises with 20 laps (200 would have taken all day), complete with “Pit Stops.” 10 exercises 25 reps at a time with a lap in between with one man planking during each lap. This cycle must be rinsed and repeat to complete 500 reps total. Counted off for the order for pit stops through two cycles

Werkins x25 and a lap with one man planking.

LBCs x25 . . .

Squats x25 . . .

SSHs x25

V-sit heal touches x25 per heal (50 total)(modified to Froggie Crunches in a V-sit on the 2nd cycle)

Merkins x25

Big Boys x25

Lunges x25 each leg (modified to 24 total both legs on the second cycle)

(F)urpees x25

American Hammers x25 (modified to 25 each side, 50 total for 2nd cycle).


Modified the last 5 laps to an Indian Run.

Cooled down with Plank Shoulder Touches x15 4c IC.

Jog the lap to pick up cones and stopped half way at a table for some dips to cool down some more x15 4c IC

Mosey back to the Flag for 5MOM

Box Cutters x15 4c IC

Rinsed in the opposite direction.

Holds 5,30,60,90,wiper left, 90, wiper right, 90,60,30,5

Heals to Heaven 5 to the 90 x15 4c IC.


Burpees may be known to Indy guys as the Furpees from now on thanks to the inspiration of Darius’s attire. The PAX accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, as I was trying out a new sequence. Each man hit their limit and modified as needed including YHC. Great to be back in Indy this AM and pleasure to Q this morning.

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