Burpee Circuit

Five men triumphed over the battle against their fartsack button on their alarm and posted in the gloom of Friday the 13th Eve. The disclaimer was read, in full, until the third line and then summarized, “It’s not our fault. Modify.” so we could jump right in.

Warm Up

Motivator from 4
Merkivator from 4
(1) Close grip plank, hands go out as body goes down for merkin, hands come in as body comes up; (2) merkin; (3) 4-count hold at bottom of merkin)
Run a lap

Mosey to hill

The Thang

50s (round 1)
Each round adds up to 50 reps (10&40, 20&30, 30&20, 40&10). Each PAX decides for self which exercise starts at 10 and which starts at 40 on first round.
Air Squats – Pike Push-ups


Burpee Circuit (round 1)
For the two rounds of the burpee circuit, I let the PAX choose a number, 1-13, each relating to a different burpee exercise. I did this without telling them that every number had to do with a burpee somehow, for the enjoyment of seeing the realization come across the PAX’s faces.

One Legged Burpees x10
StarJack Burpees x10
Turk n Burp x1 (lol this was WAY too hard)
Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x10


50s (round 2)
Calf raises – Big boy sit ups


Burpee Circuit (round 2)
Bropees x10
Apollo Creed Burpees x10
Circle Burp x10


Russian Twist
Flutter Kicks



Today was a fun little exercise. The fun came from the group of PAX that showed up. I have been really energized this week at how well we mesh with one another and I wouldn’t trade this group for the world. PLEASE, if you haven’t read Barricade’s F3 Manifesto, take five minutes and read through it. Even if we don’t grow as big other regions, let’s make the effort to make F3Indianapolis the best experience possible for each PAX that posts.

Always an honor,

One thought on “Burpee Circuit

  1. I love your enthusiasm Zamboni it’s contagious I hope other guys catch it as far as reading the manifesto maybe 15 or 20 minutes for those of us who are a little bit slower readers but yes very well worth the time and thank you for the queue it was miserably good


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